Sunday, May 13, 2012

Could you survive without a computer in your classroom?

This is my first blog post!  I am a Spanish teacher in Ashland, MA.  I would like to comment on the shift of technology since I first started teaching.  I only started teaching 9 years ago and there have been so many significant changes.  

I first started teaching in 2003 on Long Island, NY.  I taught in a large school with about 2500 students.  I taught in 3 different classrooms and there was not a single computer in any of the classrooms.  I did not communicate with my students, colleagues or with parents via email.  We did most of our communicating in person or via “memos.”  I used the one office phone to communicate with parents.  I never used email.  

Now, I can’t imagine my life as a teacher without a computer in my classroom.  I don’t know what I would do!  I use email for everything and countless other websites to communicate with my colleagues, students, friends and family.  I am never without my smart phone and I am almost always connected to some sort of technology.  I have not had much of chance to reflect on these changes and I look forward to hearing some of your comments.  Would you be able to survive without a computer in your classroom??